Sustainable design and building practices have become the fundamental responsibility of every architect.

Advances in planning legislation are influencing change but the key driver behind sustainable designs must be the passion for genuine solutions that embrace growing social awareness and the need to protect the environment.

Rather than an obligation forced on us by planning laws, at Mitchell Partners we see sustainability as an opportunity to produce better designed, healthier and longer lasting buildings. It’s about innovative thinking and thoughtful planning, and

  • building orientation and landscaping for sun access and control;
  • optimising of energy use;
  • conserving water and reducing site water run-off;
  • use of environmentally preferable materials and products;
  • enhancing indoor comfort conditions and the health of occupants through day-lighting, natural ventilation, moisture control and low material emissions.

In the end our clients benefit from a building which will last longer because of reduced maintenance and running costs, be comfortable and be a continuing pleasure to live in.