“The success of a project, for me, begins and ends with the client and their level of satisfaction.”
Jim Mitchell

A successful building is the sum of many parts: the design, the materials, the construction, space and light (which are my particular passions) and sustainable planning. Sustainability in particular is an essential part of the design process because of the social and environmental impact that buildings have. You can read more about it here

We work with our clients to achieve the best outcome for them in terms of sustainable living and convenience and the best outcome their site has to offer.

So how do I judge whether our work is successful or not? To me, it’s

  • when I’m invited to the house warming;
  • when my client says it was worth the effort and the challenge;
  • when she or he says they love the place and wouldn’t change a thing;
  • when it is every bit what they expected – and more.

Jim Mitchell : 2011